How To Have a Happy Mealtime with Picky Eaters and Problem Feeders

Tired of struggles at the dinner table? This workshop will help you determine whether your picky eater is really just picky or if there are developmental or other challenges impacting meal time. You will learn about typical eating behaviours for children, their nutritional needs, how to encourage them to eat a wide variety of foods, and how to create a social anMessy Babyd enjoyable meal time.


Scribbles & Snips: Setting kids up for success with foundation fine motor skills

Your child is growing so fast! They will be starting school before you know it!  Is he or she ready for Kindergarten? Do they have the functional physical skills necessary to learn to print, learn to use scissors proficiently, sit still long enough for listening & learning, or dress for the outside independently?

Come & learn about the physical skills your child will need and how you can facilitate the development of these skills for ALL ability levels.  Help them get ready to meet the challenges of the exciting years ahead.


Tools for Emotional and Sensory Regulation- Assisting Your Child- An occupational therapy perspective

Self regulation is the ability to remain at the optimal level of arousal throughout the day.  Come learn how to assist your child in managing their sensory needs, emotions and impulses to remain calm and organized throughout the day.  Strategies and tools that can be applied at home and in care/school settings will be discussed.


Sensibilities- Exploring Sensory Processing

Come learn about sensory processing, sensory integration and self-regulation.  Learn about the foundations of sensory processing, how it impacts children and what you see functionally at home and school.  Learn strategies to enable children to participate sensationally!


Other Topics Include:

  • The Alert Program ® , The Zones of Regulation Program® and Strategies for Self-Regulation
  • How to teach children how to write? A look at the evidence & exploring printing programs, cursive programs & asistive technology options
  • Hygiene Hero’s: Developing Hygiene Skills for Children with Differences


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