Group Fitness

Group training keeps you motivated and working hard. Training as a team with individualized modifications will give you the support and push you need to meet your goals!

REVOLUTIONS SPIN CLASS – co-ed, ladies only and men’s only options

Get your Rev’s on and spin your way to a healthy lifestyle! Come enjoy a music thumping 60 min. bike class in the dry indoors that will make you sweat, and work you hard! Spin class includes intervals, speed-work, muscle-work and lots of climbing! Classes are suitable for all fitness levels.  Programs are offered seasonally Fall-Spring .  When the rain rolls in…..WE SPIN!  Learn More

TWICE A WEEK – strength & conditioning

This is our tried and true small group training program! This twice a week program is developed specifically to meet the needs and goals of the participants, progressively building week to week. Fitness appraisals allow us to plan an effective program for participants and give you feedback on your progress. You will be motivated to work with, and push each other to reach your goals. A wide array of boot camp style outdoor workouts are created to teach you new exercises, provide variety and fun in a manner that allows all to work at the level they are at. Learm More

ONCE A WEEK – strength & conditioning

This program was created to meet the needs of our commuters and those who want to cross train. It’s once a week so you can focus on your training while maximizing your play-time the rest of the week! This program does not include a fitness appraisal, and is less structured then the Twice a Week Program. Learn More

PEAS IN THE POD – prenatal strength & coditioning for babes with bellies

Come enjoy the fresh mountain air and the benefits of fitness throughout your pregnancy while meeting other new moms-to-be! This once-a-week program is developed specifically to meet the needs of moms-to-be by providing a safe, full functional body workout every session! Learn More

SWEET PEAS – strength & conditioning for babes & babies

Come enjoy the fresh mountain air and get fit while connecting with other new moms! This outdoor postnatal program is a balanced program offering strength and conditioning classes in a progressive manner, and is built to meet the specific postnatal fitness needs of the participants in the group.  The program starts with a hands-on practical education session on pelvic floor and other postnatal concerns that impact return to fitness. All trainers have completed extensive training to provide safe and functional postnatal training.  Please note while we are west coast mommas and brave the elements most of the time, an indoor location is secured for days with inclement weather as we run baby friendly workouts.    Learn More


*All programs are pre-registered



We are currently supporting Brennan Park to provide spin programs to our greater community. Check out REVOLUTIONS SPIN through Brennan Park for times, dates and registration. It is the best deal in town and open to all levels. GET ON 'YER BIKE!

All other programming is currently on hold. Stay tuned for more....